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Frequently Asked Questions

1Does Royal Tenant have a mobile app?

Royal Tenant is a web application. You can use it without downloading it to your phone.

Royal Tenant can be used on both iOS and Android web browsers

You can add the web app to your home screen and it will appear like an app on your smartphone.

For iOS
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2Does Royal Tenant run on iOS or Android?

Royal Tenant is a web application. You can use it without downloading it to your phone.

So, Royal Tenant can be used on both iOS and Android web browsers

3Is Royal Tenant suitable for property agents or property investors?

Both! Anyone who is managing property and tenant can use Royal Tenant. It does not matter if you are managing one tenant or 100 tenants, Royal Tenant can help you save time and make your life easier.

4I have multiple tenants per property. How should I enter that into Royal Tenant?

If you have multiple tenants per property, it is recommended that you create a separate property for each tenant.

For example, you have a double storey shop office. You can record as follow:

  • Property 1: Shop Office (Ground Floor)
  • Property 2: Shop Office (1st Floor)

Then you can add respective tenant into the properties.

Another example is when you rent out apartments room by room. For that you can record as follow:

  • Property 1: Apartment (Master Room)
  • Property 2: Apartment (Room 1)

For expenses that is related to the property itself, you can choose to record those expenses under the Ground Floor or the Master Room property.

5Is my data safe and secure with Royal Tenant?

We run Royal Tenant on Microsoft Azure Server. The Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure has been architected to be one of the most secure cloud computing environments available on the planet.

On top of the security features built into the Microsoft Azure service, we employ:

  • 128-bit SSL encryption for all data transfer on the platform
  • Daily backups of all your data, in case anything goes wrong
  • Security protocols in all our work premises

All your data remain private and confidential as per Malaysian Personal Data Protection Act, 2010 (Act 709). We will never disclose any of your information to anyone.

For more detail information, you may refer to our Privacy Policy

6Are there discounts for yearly plans?

Yes! If you pay for a year in advance you save about 20% compared to paying per month. That means you get 12 month’s usage for the price of 10 months.

7Why Royal Tenant cannot do ... ? I wish Royal Tenant could help me do ...

Yes! Please do let us know how we can help make your life simpler as a landlord.

Click on the Messenger button to chat with us immediately.

Or you can email to us at

8I have more questions. Where can I find answers?

If you still have questions, you may contact us immediately by clicking on the Facebook Messenger button on your left.

Or you may email to us at

What Our Users Say

I like the idea. I love to see all my investment properties in one location like share market."

Mr. Kee Siak Chan, Property Investor, CEO and Founder @ Exabytes Network Sdn Bhd

I really don't like that awkward moment of calling up my tenants to collect rental. This month, the tenant actually banked in to my account before I call. Then only I realised Royal Tenant has sent him a reminder."

Mr. Simon Tan, Property Investor, Former Product Design Engineer @ Fisher & Paykel

Property agents should try using this app. I found it very useful to track my own properties and my client's properties."

Mr Kok Kean Teh, Property Investor & Property Agent, Operation Manager @ Personal Distinction Sdn Bhd

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