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Royal Tenant released version 1.1
June 30, 2017


We can help make your tenants pay on time!

We are working closely with our users to give them a peace of mind. One of the features that our users find really helpful is Reminders.

I really don't like that awkward moment of calling up my tenants to collect rental. This month, the tenant actually banked in to my account before I call. Then only I realised Royal Tenant has helped me to send him a reminder."

Mr. Simon Tan, Property Investor, Former Product Design Engineer @ Fisher & Paykel

Normally in a tenancy agreement, there are at least four payment related issues addressed;

  • Exact amount due every month.
  • Where payments are made.
  • Acceptable payment method.
  • The consequences of late payment and bounced cheque or default.
  • Tenants' responsibility e.g. utility bills, property assessment tax etc.

Even though both parties have an agreement, you as a landlord, still need to communicate this clearly with the tenants. This will give you more protection against rental payment related risks. This might seems like a lot of works but we have simplified it for you. You can do this in a few easy steps;


Using Reminder, you can send reminders to yourself and your tenants about payment due, the consequences, tenant responsibility etc. You only need to key in it once and our system will email it out as scheduled.

Chong-Liang Ooi
Chong-Liang Ooi
Founder and CEO @ Royal Tenant. An entrepreneur and a property investor. Visit my LinkedIn profile.

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