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August 9, 2016
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July 15, 2017
Royal Tenant

Royal Tenant

Royal Tenant upgraded to v1.1!

Since launched, a total of 115 members have joined us in the past 2 weeks!

THANK YOU for your great support!

After receiving feedback from them, we have enhanced (and bug-fixed 😅) and released v1.1!

1. Now we allow passport number to be stored, as the tenants could be foreigners.

2. How can we not have company Business Registration Number? A total oversight.

3. Finally, at the Transaction screen, we help you summed up the total expenses and total income, calculating the net income as well.

Hope that Royal Tenant can help make managing your properties a little easier. Please let us know how else can we help you.


Chong-Liang Ooi
Chong-Liang Ooi
Founder and CEO @ Royal Tenant. An entrepreneur and a property investor. Visit my LinkedIn profile.

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